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The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction

The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction 

A collection of voices from around the world that establishes in both theoretical and graphic terms the slow, methodical genocide taking place in Palestine beginning in the 1940s. Voices decrying in startling, vivid, and forceful language the calculated atrocities taking place. Available on Amazon.com.
Age of Fools Age of Fools

Age of Fools


William A. Cook's Age of Fools is an attempt to relocate our society where it belongs. It is an injection of intense humanism, a celebration of creative thinking that encourages creative reading. - Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-born British Jazz Artist, Author & popular Critical Analyst of Mid-East and Global Affairs Bill Cook is the Barbara Tuchman of our time. This is a courageous book, not the brawny courage of the warrior, but the deeper courage of the peacemaker and the eloquent courage of the truth-teller, who speaks of things many would rather not hear, even though their very future may depend upon it. - Jeffrey St. Clair, Editor, CounterPunch Writes Cook: "From the opening volley of Neo-Con unelected, self-appointed manifestos to take control, to the lies they told the American people through their representatives, to the failure to seek the truth about what took place on 9/11, I have witnessed a cold-blooded group of arrogant men systematically emasculate the rights of the American citizen. What America was in its birthing, it is no longer." Labeling this era "Age of Fools" in the tradition of 15th century Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools" and embellishing his work with artwork by Edward Beardsley, Cook writes: "How ironic that the self-proclaimed righteous, the born again Christian Zionists and the Jewish Zionists wheedle their way into their respective governments, preaching the Devil's agenda, using superstition, deception and hypocrisy. In the process they destroy the true and permanent tenets of Christianity and the founding principles of Democracy. America, in short, mirrors the arrogance of the Israeli state under... right-wing Zionist groups that constitute its government... With Israel, driven by its god of war, we are the twin demons of destruction that live in constant fear of all peoples who would rather die than be subjugated, exploited, or oppressed." Available on Amazon.com.

Decade of Deceit: 2002-2012 Decade of Deceit: 2002-2012 Refelections on Palestine

Decade of Deceit: 2002-2012 Reflections on Palestine

The essays that compose Decade of Deceit: 2002-2012 consider current events in the mid-East from a moral perspective that transcends the immediate moment and forces reflection on concerns that exalt or deny human rights, personal dignity and respect. These are polemical essays, not news stories. Events considered from this perspective have roots that transcend time, roots imbedded in human nature, roots that grow deep in the earth that gave birth to them for it is from ashes we grow and to ashes we return. (Introduction) Cook undertook a major task. His new book is an invaluable contribution to understanding the Israel/Palestinian conflict. His polemical essays are a must read. They explain the longest unresolved conflict of our time and why it matters. Available on Amazon.com.

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