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Dr. William A. CookCook's World of Polemics, Poetry and Plays

Welcome to my website which, by design, is a work in progress...

The Cook name offers two images, the chef and the tour guide. Choose either one as you click the accompanying menu, a selection based on taste or one based on a journey.  If taste, you can select Poetry, Cartoons, Satire, Political Perspectives, Sayings and Observations, or Scholarly Papers; if the journey, you will find a pilgrimage without Jesus in Psalms for the 21st Century, a pictorial rendering of current events in cartoons, a fun trip in biting satire, a journey through the lies and deception of the Bush administration in articles, a trip back in time to the days of Diogenes and the sages in Sayings and Observations, and a scholarly, intellectual journey that covers the ages from medieval times to the present.

As an enticement to those who have visited this site, I offer a free copy of my book, A Time to Know.  Email me your name and address and I will send you the book by snail mail, free of charge.

Remember, you may want to read something from the menu selections before you ask for the book.  It may not satisfy your taste or fulfill the journey you are undertaking.

Please enjoy your stay at my site, and, please offer comments.


A history lesson: what ISIS learned from IRGUN.




Psalms for the 21st Century




The Agony of Colin Powell



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